Ringtones for Android makes it easy to add music ringtones and HD backgrounds to your phone. tunes for AndroidTM’s phone tunes, sounds, and backgrounds are used by more than 50 million people every day. Find out why. Get music ringtones and pictures, and now set a sound.

It’s never been easier to make your phone unique. You can get Ringtones for AndroidTM, pick a ringtone to set as your phone’s ringtone, and then pick some more cool ringtones to set as your contacts’ ringtones.


You can set it as an AndroidTM ringtone, a friend ringtone, an alarm sound, or an SMS sound.
Add an icon to your phone’s home screen that plays your favorite sounds.Classical music, old music, business music, electronic music, rock, hip hop, funny, notifications, alarms, national anthems, animal sounds, Halloween, Christmas, Japanese, Islamic, and more!
Select as background—use the Android pictures as the background on your phone.


Ringtones for Android