PhotoDirector AI Photo Editor v18.9.0 Cracked APK transform your smartphone photographs to resemble those captured with a Canon or Nikon camera. Photoshop your travel photographs, enhance your landscape photographs, and transform an ordinary photograph into artwork of professional caliber. Utilize our photo frames, filters, and effects to imbue your photographs with a sense of jovial allure during the holiday season.

PhotoDirector AI Photo Editor

Features of the App

  • By manipulating the HSL sliders and RGB color channels, one can easily correct difficult white balance issues or apply color to photographs.
  • Utilize the contrast, brightness, exposure, and darkness sliders to modify the tone with ease.
  • Rapid adjustment of the white balance to enhance color accuracy
  • Adjust Saturation to achieve the vividst image imaginable.
  • Implement photo effects on an international scale or on specific regions of your images.
  • Quickly eliminate photobombers and unwanted objects from your images using Content-Aware Removal editing tools. Adding HDR, photo effects, and layer altering is simple.
  • Combine and modify HDR effects to produce arresting travel and landscape photographs.
  • Select from a variety of preset photo effects—including Lomo, Artistic, HDR, and Vignette—immediately to impart a professional artwork aesthetic to your photograph.
  • Incorporate an additional image or effect layer into your photograph using the Blender tool. The closest mobile device approximation to desktop layer modification
  • Apply style and ambiance to your image with a single click of the overlay button. Create light-leaked images Grunge effects, lens glare, and more
  • From tilt-shift to bokeh, linear and radial blur tools enable the creation of an assortment of inventive photographic effects.