Lumion 2023 is the start of a new era because it has a fully rebuilt image engine. We first told you about ray tracing coming to Lumion in October 2022. This was a huge project that required us to rebuild our render engine from scratch. Finally, the day has come: Lumion 2023 is now live!

Lumion 2023 is different from all the versions that came before it. We completely redesigned our draw engine to include both ray tracing and rasterization. This way, we can now give a platform that can be improved on more quickly and easily than ever.

Lumion Pro Features

Lumion 12 Pro makes it easier than ever to bring out the mood in your designs and show off their most unique features in the best light.
Effects that add depth to spots (only for Pro)
The temperature of light in Kelvin
Take note of the little things in life
With Lumion 12, you can now add your own stickers to surfaces to make them look and feel different. This gives you more ways to be artistic.
Bring in your license plates.
110 new plants that are moving

Lumion Pro Screenshots

Lumion Pro