GCN+ Documentary on Paris-Brest-Paris on November 27, 23

The Paris-Brest-Paris race is like no other bicycle show. Over 7,000 riders from all over the world come to Paris every four years to take on this tough 1200 km.

Thousands of people line the roads in North-West France to cheer on the riders. Some are trying to finish first by riding nonstop for more than 48 hours, while others are just trying to get back to Paris before the 90-hour cutoff.

We follow Jack Thurston and Amy Hudson, two amateur riders from Britain, as they take on this huge task for the first time. We also see Dominique Lamouller, a French experienced rider, race Paris-Brest-Paris for the thirteenth time with his son, Loïc Lamouller, an ex-professional road racer.

Will our riders make it back to Paris after a tough race, extreme heat, and not getting enough sleep?

GCN+ Paris-Brest-Paris