DroidKit Overview

Your One-Stop Shop for All Android Problems. DroidKit is a complete set of tools that can fix almost any Android problem. It comes with 4 useful tools that can unlock the screen, escape FRP, recover lost data, fix the system, and more. Just a few clicks are all it takes to take great care of your phone in every way.

Key Features of DroidKit

Unlock Your Screen
Get rid of all screen locks at once
Around FRP
Easy way to get around FRP lock
Get Back Data
Get back lost info without a backup
Extractor for Data
Get info off of a broken device
Fix the system
No need to root to fix system problems
Manager of Data
Control everything on your Android system Reinstall
You can run any version again.
Clean Your System
With one click, you can free up space on your phone.
Get your dead phone to work again right away.
DroidKit does more than just get back your info; it also gets back your locked or unresponsive device. You don’t have to send your phone out for weeks or even months. In minutes, you’ll get back a device that works well.
Get rid of all kinds of screen locks
Got lost your password for the lock screen? It doesn’t work to unlock with a fingerprint or face? Can’t enter your PIN because the screen is broken? DroidKit can help you get back into your phone right away, no matter why you were stopped. It gets rid of all kinds of screen locks, like fingerprint, PIN, pattern, and face recognition. It works with Samsung, LG, Motorola, and all other Android phones. No need to root. You only need to click a few times.
Take off Google Lock Quickly and easily
Bought a used phone that was locked with FRP? Got stuck in FRP lock after a factory restart and forgot your account information? Take it off! DroidKit promises the highest success rate in the business thanks to solutions that are made specifically for each version of Android and device model. As a non-technical option, it doesn’t require any tech skills or understanding. You can get back into your phone right away and without any problems.

DroidKit Screenshots