DMCA Policy Report

What do I do if I own the rights to some files on your website and want you to take them down? Please note that none of the content on this website is protected by copyright.

The metadata for the torrent files we host doesn’t contain any information that could be copied without permission. But we have a service that will remove torrents from our site if the content owner asks us to. These requests to remove something only work if:

  • * You or your company own the rights to the content in question.
  • *You give the exact URLs of the torrents, not complete (sub)categories or search queries.
  • *You list the full name(s) of the content you want to use.
  • *You send the request to be taken off the list using a valid email address, like address@yourname/

If your request follows all of these rules, send an email to Please be kind in what you write. We take down the posts as soon as possible, usually within 48 hours. Remember that we can only handle requests to remove if they follow the rules above.