AlphaPlugins TurbulenceDistortion is a plug-in for Photoshop that makes great turbulence distortion effects. Every skilled artist should have this in their toolbox. With this filter, you can add different kinds of noise effects to your music.

You can use turbulence distortion as a base to make a lot of complex effects, like realistic fire, running water, clothes that wave, and more. People who make special effects should try it once. After that, they’ll wonder how they ever got by without it.


Very fast processing of high quality turbulence distortion.
There are different types of turbulence shapes, such as loops and radials.
Chromatic distortion, which is caused by small changes in how the color channels are processed, makes the rainbow eye effect.
Modern, powerful, and resizable user interface with helpful sample and easy-to-use settings.


AlphaPlugins TurbulenceDistortion