AlphaPlugins RichText plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and other apps that work with it. You can add multi-line text and/or lines to Photoshop creations and add effects to make them more interesting and make them stand out with this tool.

You can use the built-in text editor to style text, copy and paste text from MS Word, or load text from an RTF file. Since RichText is built into Photoshop, it’s easy to add, edit, and change the order of text to get the best results. If the creation in Photoshop has a selection, the styled text fill should only go in this area.


Easy to use and strong:
You can quickly add effects to make your text stand out and add multi-line text straight to Photoshop creations.
For bigger amounts of text, you can use the built-in text editor, copy and paste from another text editor, or load text from RTF files.
Wonderful effects:
You can set settings for automatic text variation or pick from different text effects, such as a smooth paper background.


AlphaPlugins RichText