Another tool in the AlphaPlugins suite is AlphaPlugins Digitalizer, which is made to work with Adobe Photoshop. Its goal is to turn pictures into different kinds of digital art, which often look like pixel graphics or digitization. This app is great for graphic designers, digital artists, and anyone else who wants to give their photos cool digital effects.


There are a lot of different shapes that the text pattern can take, not just a grid of squares. It can also be groups of rings and swirls.
You can put text anywhere you want along vectorized edges or Photoshop choices.
Separate symbols and numbers can be used to represent text along with important text.
Size of dialog box can be changed.
Look ahead area. With the mouse, you can shrink, stretch, or change some factors visually right in the sample.
There are several split pages with parameters on them to make things easier for you.
You can save settings and load them again. There are also a lot of ready-made settings in the package.
If the range that comes with the setting options is not enough for you, you can set your own. Digitizer II lets you pick random letters, numbers, and even whole words that are linked. It will let you stress words you already know.
Digitalizer II has an editor built in that lets you change text and symbol sets.
The built-in curve designer lets you finetune effects even more exactly.


Alpha Plugins Digitizer