AlphaPlugins DigitalChaos is a simple and effective Photoshop and compatible plug-in filter. This plug-in generates random symbol and digit patterns. These symbols patterns may be combined in complex compositions to create stunning abstract art. The plug-ins’ text editor lets you customize symbols and fonts.

The plug-in includes few settings for randomization symbol placements, scales, angles, colors, typefaces, etc. Additionally, the plug-in’s “Auto” button generates stunning abstract symbol designs with one click.


DigitalChaos allows for the creation of abstract patterns using symbols and numbers. Adjusting pattern parameters creates a wide range of digital patterns.
Automatic randomization of digital patterns is possible with the plug-in’s powerful features. Symbol locations, scales, angles, typefaces, colors, etc. may be adjusted arbitrarily.
Auto generation: Click “Auto” to produce stunning random character patterns. Keep clicking “Auto” until a gorgeous acceptable design is not formed.


AlphaPlugins DigitalChao